My Brother ‹‹Downtown Staunton Virginia Photographer››

This is my younger brother.

Isn’t he a stud?!

During my 10 day vacay back east (which has technically been extended, courtesy of Hurricane Sandy), we skipped around my old stomping grounds and I made my brosef model for me  😉

I never really got to do many portrait sessions in downtown Staunton (unless you count my very FIRST portrait sess of my bff & her sister…whiiiiich we won’t talk about…heh heh) since I didn’t pursue photography until after I left home, so I was super eager to do some shootin’ around one of my favorite places on earth.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorites!

And as always, check out my website for more work:

Lazy Saturday Morning ‹‹Personal››

This is Blue. He’s our crazy, awesome puppy.

Some of his favorite things to do are:

eat tennis balls
run super fast
eat mommy’s table scraps
be BFFs with everyone
go on family adventures
chase cats (and other small animals)
sleep on the sofa

It’s been a long while since I’ve taken any photos of him – mainly because he’s pretty terrible at posing – but I thought I’d try while he was laying in some nice natural light.

And yes…I was making obnoxious high pitched squeals this whole time.

On to Baby ‹‹Featured››

Remember Melissa and Josh’s sunset-filled maternity shoot? Wellllllll, I’m SO happy to share that it was featured on On To Baby – a great website for expectant mothers! Thanks to the girls over at On To Baby for picking it up  :-)

Aaaaaand, here’s me in action…a fun “behind the scenes” snapshot from this shoot, captured by Deyla Huss Photography.

If you missed Melissa and Josh’s blog post, you can check it out here.

Ashley + Nate ‹‹Independence, Oregon Wedding Photographer››

Remember these two? We had a stellar time during their Cannon Beach e-sess. I remember how easy it was photographing them, and how excited I was for their Fall wedding. Well, Fall is here (yessss!). The wedding day came. And it was good.

I think one of my favorite memories from Ashley and Nate’s wedding was when the flower girl SPRINTED down the aisle. I mean…I barely got one picture in. She was probably thinking, “the faster I get this over with, the sooner I can go eat a donut!” Or wait…was that me?  😉

I digress.

I love farm weddings. They’re so relaxing and charming. And since Rogue is a working farm, the animals were still doin’ their thing. I especially loved how the turkey chose to “gobble” through the entire ceremony. You don’t get much more charming than that!

The weather was perfect, Ashley and Nate looked fabulous – as did everyone else involved, and I got to eat an apple cider donut. Which makes it pretty perfect, yes?

Enjoy their story.