Wet Wedding Inspiration Board

I thought this would be fitting since the Pacific Northwest has gracefully moved into its raining season. Yep – it’s true. It really does rain here 9 months out of the year. However, the rain doesn’t really bother me all that much…I just remind myself that it makes the summers more glorious  😉

Anyway, If you’re a bride in this region, there’s a good chance you’ll have to fight the rain on your wedding day. But I’m here to show you that you can still have awesome photos even if there’s a monsoon outside. Umbrella’s are cute, and you can color coordinate. Rain boots are wicked cute, and again – colors – AND they’re way more comfortable than those wedges you were planning on wearing. If you are a little more adventurous, screw the umbrella and rain boots and let’s go play in the rain! I for one, am *always* up for rainy adventures, so count me in.

I pulled these images from a variety of sources, but unfortunately I couldn’t source all of them to their rightful owners. If you know the photographer who captured any of these moments, shoot me an email and I’ll credit them.


2 – Sarah Rhoads

Jill + Ben ‹‹Mexico Wedding Photographer››

Oh man.

I don’t know if I have the words to describe my 4 days in Mexico with this crowd. Not even the most honorable wordsmith could write something worthy of this wedding. Thankfully, I have about one million photos that will provide a mucho superior presentation. I’m working on my Spanish.

Before we jump into that – I just want to mention a few “firsts” for me at this wedding, which make it pretty special in my book. *awww*

1. Shooting solo
2. Shooting in Mexico (woo hoo!)
3. Taking a tequila shot on an airplane.
4. Sitting 4 people in a 3 person row (our stewardess did not find this as funny as we did, something to do with each person needing their own air mask? whatev.)
5. Jumping in the pool at a reception…with my clothes on.

Anyway. Enough words. On to the goodness. Oh – and Happy Thanksgiving!


P.S. The gorgeous flowers were created by the fabulous Rose, of Rosemary Stafford Floral Design.

Albums are here…Treat yo’ Self.

So, I could go on and on about how important it is, for your wedding day happiness, to hire a good and honest wedding photographer – someone  you can trust and just have fun with – someone who is professional, yet doesn’t take themselves too seriously…but I’ll spare you  😉

What I will go on and on about is how awesome it is to actually PRINT your photos. Whether it’s hanging on your wall, or beautifully displayed in a coffee table book – it’s so freaking awesome.

I’m real excited to share with you guys some photos of our latest product. Say you don’t want a million pictures of your face hanging up in your house – that’s cool. I feel the same way. So why not display some of your favorite images in a sexy little coffee table book? You know you want it…

Not only do they look fantastic, but the covers are SO customizable. So, you’d like a pop of color for your living room? Perfect. I’ve got some sexy bold color choices. You’re into vintage design? Sweet. I’ll hook you up with a totally rad vintage leather cover. You can choose from a huge selection of colors and textures, and cover designs…and of course, I’ll be there to guide you.

So, without further adieu…

Movement Inspiration Board ‹‹Wedding Wednesday››

Everybody else is doing it, so shouldn’t I?


But seriously. I’ve been seeing a lot more people put together their own inspiration boards, and I always enjoy looking at them…so I thought, “would I enjoy making one?”. So I did one. And it was fun. And you’ll probably be seeing more  😉

Something that I’ve really been drawn to lately as an artist is movement in photography. There’s just something so organically beautiful about it. I don’t know quite how to explain it, but it’s almost like a dual sensory experience for me. You’re looking at a photo (sight) and it has such a definite gesture of movement goin’ on, and so you almost feel the photo (touch). Are you still with me? Have I lost you completely? Haha. Maybe that’s just me…but man, I love it.

I threw together this little inspiration board to remind myself to think about motion when I’m photographing someone or something. A few of these images are my own, but the other three are from some faves of mine, and they captured movement so wonderfully, that they were perfect for this board. Credits at the bottom, yo!

Clockwise from top left:

1. Yours, truly
2. The Schultzes (been a HUGE fan of them since the first time I picked up a camera)
3. Yours, truly
4. Jose Villa (if you don’t know his work, then I fear for your health because you must be hiding in a cave. Jk. You gotta check it out though.)
5. Jose Villa

I’ll be back (hopefully) next week with another inspiration board!

Morgan’s Fall Maternity ‹‹Barren Ridge Vineyard Photographer››

I’m going to be an aunt!

Yessssss  :-)

Ella Grace will bless us with her presence in January, and we’re all SO pumped. I’ve been home in Virginia this past week for some fun celebrations – my bff’s wedding, and my sister’s baby shower – and we were able to squeeze in some perfect Fall maternity photos just in time for the weather to turn gross.

Ella will be my parent’s first grandbaby, so all week they were talking about what they wanted their grandkids to call them. It’s been hilarious…and interesting…aaaand let’s just say they won’t be called grandma and grandpa  😉

Anyway, we decided to do her shoot at Barren Ridge Vineyards which is located just behind my parent’s neighborhood…and the views are beautiful. The grapevines were SO bright and colorful…I had no idea that vine leaves changed colors in the fall…but I guess that makes sense, ha.

Here are a few of my favorites!

And as always, check out my website for more work: www.paigejones.co