Petra + Tyler ‹‹Cancun Wedding Photographer››

Sunshine…beach…swim-up bar…in January?! Yes, please.

Cancun elopement?! Yes, please.

Needless to say, I was pumped to meet Petra and Tyler down in Cancun for a few days to shoot their intimate elopement. These two were fun, easy-going, and super cute. As we walked down the beach to the ceremony location it started to pour and we all got a little nervous, but as soon as we got to the spot, the rain stopped and the clouds parted and the temperature was perfect.

I’m just gonna go right ahead and make this bold statement: elopements are my favorite…and if they’re somewhere tropical, I’ll go on ahead and make my reservations now, please  😉

Enjoy a few of my favorites from this sweet couple’s Cancun elopement.

Portland to Atlanta // Our cross-country move

Well. It’s official…


In case you missed it…we moved from Portland to Atlanta last week. We found a cozy little bungalow in east ATL and we’re having fun thrifting and buying new furniture to fill the rooms.

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you already know that this time last year we made the cross-country move from South Carolina to Portland…so we were only out west for one year. I won’t get too sappy, but I will say that we fell in love with the West Coast, and more specifically, the Pacific Northwest, and we’ll miss it forever. Thankfully I have some Portland weddings in 2013, so we still get to go back quite a bit this summer! The decision to move back east was hard, but ultimately it was best for our little family…and so far I don’t regret it!

This time we took the southern route down California (to L.A) then we headed east on I-40 through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, and finally Georgia!

Some favorite stops on our way were: San Francisco to see the Golden Gate Bridge (which was amaaaaazing), L.A (we got to see family), and the Grand Canyon!

We decided to pull a small trailer this time, and if I could change anything it would be NOT pulling a trailer. It kind of limited our exploration a bit which sucked since we were driving through so many cool areas. Oh well. Next time we’ll ditch the load  😉

Anyway…I’m excited to be here in Atlanta finally, and I’m pumped to start shooting some southern weddings!

Here are a few pics I grabbed on the road…enjoy!

Cailtin & Alex ››Portland, Oregon Engagement‹‹

Two things I know for sure about C&A:

1. They’re so in love;
2. They’re brave.

I’m pretty sure we ventured out to take photos on one of the coldest and windiest Portland days ever…but these two were all smiles and cuddles. They didn’t complain once.

Leaving Portland is definitely bittersweet for me, so I’m super excited to come back later this year to shoot their Hood River wedding.

Enjoy a few of my faves.

Holiday Polaroids and other things.

Please forgive my silence; I just haven’t had much to say lately. The last quarter of 2012 has been a crazy whirlwind. I was in Virginia for two weeks, I went to Mexico, went to Los Angeles, and in the middle of all of the craziness, we decided to make another cross-county move back east…destination: Atlanta – ETA: January 23rd.

Yes. 9 days from now. No, we have not packed. No, I don’t want to talk about it.

Anyway. The Holidays have come and gone. Cookies. Family. Game night. Movies. Food. More food. Air mattresses. Even more food. Presents. Themed NYE Party. 10 lbs. That pretty much sums up our trip down to L.A.

Before we left, Michael and I exchanged gifts. I got him a few games for his PS3 (mistake? ask me in a few months). He gave me an Instax…yay! Oh, they were only cool last year?


I love it. Here are a few scans from our trip…

What’s that? Yes. We did have a “High School Stereo-type” themed NYE party. Yes, I did dress up like a goth. Would you judge me if I said I’ve always wanted to be one for a day? From L to R: Mother-in-law (Prom Queen…and that was her actual prom dress!); Father-in-law (jock); Me (goth); Michael (nerd); Sis-in-law (teen mom…she’s actually preggo in real life!); Sis-in-law’s huz (baby daddy).

I’ve got big goals for this 2013. Maybe I’ll do a little post about that sometime soon. Happy New Year!

Stunning Christmas Wreaths by Rosemary Stafford

Can you believe it’s December?!

I can’t. I haven’t even started decorating this year, which is crazy strange because I usually bust out the boxes and bins before I shove turkey down my gullet. Anyway, maybe you’re feelin’ a little bit like me this year. Maybe you need a little boost? Well, don’t even worry about dragging your dusty decor down from the attic this year…because one of these gorgeous wreaths could be hanging on your door before you lay your head down tonight.

My good friend Rose, of Rosemary Stafford Floral Design is creating some magically, festive wreaths – they’re wicked stylish & fresh & you know you want one. She’s got a few organic, natural looking options (and yes, those are brussles sprouts – she’s a genius), and then she’s doing a fun, shabby chic style where you’ll supply some meaningful Christmas ornaments, or holiday heirlooms that she’ll arrange with some pizzazz.

Contact her asap if you’re interested!

And here’s one of the wreaths hanging in a lucky suitor’s house.