I’ve seen photography teams wear headsets to avoid any confusion like this, buuuut I think I prefer a few photo bombs every once in a while  😉

Editing this beautiful Montana engagement session today so stay tuned for more.

Glacier National Park | Montana

We’ve been on a tri-state, whirlwind of a trip with this Saturday’s wedding bringing it to a close. We’ve parked camp here in Hamilton, MT for the wedding, but before we made our way down here, we went north to Glacier National Park. I had always heard of Montana being called “Big Sky Country” and it wasn’t until I stood in the middle of the park that I understood what it meant. I’ve never felt so small in my entire life. The peaks, and the valleys, and the hillsides, and the sky were soooooo vast and majestic. I was in awe. 

Of course I tried my best to capture the beauty, but I forced myself to just take it in with my eyes, because the camera just can’t capture it completely. If you have the opportunity – you should make the opportunity – you need to explore this park. You won’t regret it.

Here’s my attempt at photographing this stunning scene.

(First few pics are from Woods Bay, MT on our drive into Whitefish).


That’s a ram’s head peaking out over the hill below:


Christal + Bobby + Caleb | Los Angeles Family Photography

Being an aunt is something special. And I’m quickly learning that it’s SO hard to not just take a million photos of my niece and nephew…not sure what I’m gonna do when I have my own kid  😉

Michael and I finally got to meet our nephew, Caleb, on this west coast trip…he *might* just be the cutest baby boy ever and I dare you to argue with me. Of course we had to do a mini family session during our visit, so we drove up to the perfect look-out in Glendale and lucked out with a killer sunset.

We’re smitten with him already, and can’t wait to see them all again this Thanksgiving!

Enjoy a few of my faves from their shoot.

Munira + Jalil | Los Angeles Maternity Session

Michael’s brother-in-law is an animator for Disney, and they have a huge circle of friends here in Los Angeles – luckily for us, they are all either getting married or having babies…sooooo…they need photos! We shot one of their friend’s weddings last year, and on this trip we had the pleasure of shooting another friend’s maternity session. It’s cool because each trip we all hang out with everyone, so they are beginning to feel like our friends as well.

We met Munira and Jalil (who is an animator for Dream Works) at Brand Park in Glendale, CA. There was a gorgeous sunset, and we were able to find the perfect spot with the perfect view. We had so much fun catching up with these two, and we can’t wait to meet little Rumi  :-)

Happy Monday, and enjoy a few of my faves as we fly off to Montana for a few days – woohoo!

Elaine + Jack | Portland Grotto Wedding

It’s been a month since I blogged you guys. That is not good. not good.

How about we re-boot this thing with an awesome Portland wedding from last Saturday. Yep. Still shooting a few weddings back west, and I LOVE it. Michael and I flew out to Portland last Friday and shot Elaine & Jack’s wedding at the Grotto. It was a beauuuuuutiful day with zero humidity (be jealous, Atlanta).

We started the day at Hotel Lucia in downtown PDX, and ended the night at the Tiffany Center (also in downtown).

Elaine and Jack are two of the sweetest people ever, and the way their friends and family loved on them all day was something truly special. The more weddings I shoot, the more my “favorite wedding moment” changes. When I first started, I probably would have said the vows were my favorite moment. Last year, I think I would have said the father-daughter dance was my fave…and while both of those are still great, I’m beginning to like the speeches more and more. WHAT?! Yeah, I know. I’m sure most photographers would disagree, or maybe we’ve just been lucky to witness some hilarious-laugh-until-you-cry-and-cry-until-you-laugh speeches, but man…definitely one of my favorite moments right now. I think Jack’s brother’s speech was top 3 for me, and Elaine’s sister RAPPED her speech soooooo, tough to beat that  😉

We’re still on the West coast (currently in L.A. visiting family) and on Monday we fly out to Montana for a week for another epic wedding. Until then, enjoy some of my favorites from Elaine & Jack’s special day.