Back in February I posted on my facebook page: “If I can get to 1000 like before my birthday (March 26) I’ll do an awesome giveway.”

Welp, it happened (you guys are awesome).

And my birthday came and went.

And I forgot to post this giveaway.


This giveaway is for the wanderlust-er. When I think about my life on this planet, we’re not here for very long. We have one chance to soak up as much amazingness as possible. The world is so incredibly beautiful and there are a zillion breath-taking places that exist…and I want to see as many as possible.


This giveaway includes a thank-you postcard pack (20) with photos from my cross-country travels. Spruce up your “thank-yous” with some pretty photos of Montana and Oregon and the mid-west. It also includes an 8 x 12 Iceland print from The Manchiks. They are 2 of my favorite photographers (both professionally and on instagram) so I wanted to throw in something from them as well. They have such an adventurous spirit, and I love that about them.

To enter:

Follow me on instagram, and find this giveaway photo here. Leave a comment on the instagram photo and tell me where you’re itchin’ to travel…ALSO tag ONE friend in your comment. The winner will be chosen at random — that person AND their friend will win a set of the items below.

Giveaway ends this Tuesday 4/8 at midnight EST. Winner(s) will be announced Wednesday, so make sure you follow me on facebook to see if you won.

*Giveaway open to US residents only*