2014 Goals | There’s Room to Grow

I’ve never been one to celebrate New Years Eve in style. You can usually find me at home…in my sweatpants…ringing in the new year with a casual game of cards and a glass of wine.

What can I say? I’m wild.

However, I am a big fan of reflecting and projecting, and the holidays are the perfect time to celebrate the past and anticipate the future. On our drive home from Virginia, I spent some time thinking about growth. There’s always room to grow.

I struggle with growth. Mainly because I tend to be somewhat aloof – so the idea of change has to be prodded and poked for me to meditate on it, but also because I’m a tad stubborn. One of my favorite characteristics of my husband is that he is always reflecting and analyzing and searching for ways he can be a better man, and he is always encouraging me to do the same which is exactly what I need since it rarely crosses my mind. I love that about him and I’m blessed to have him in my life…

So, I’ve done some thinking, and I’d love to share my intentions for 2014.


– Spend more time outside. We spent 2012 in Portland, Oregon and we craved being outside. Everything was so new and beautiful and every day was an adventure. Since moving back to the east coast we sort of lost that spirit and I’d love to find it again.

– Learn a new song a month on my guitar. Since I was 15, guitar has always been a hobby of mine. I’m decent…but I’d like to get better.

– Read more. I love reading but it’s so damn hard for me to find a good book. I’d like to read a book a month this year. I scoured my old books the other night (I buy books and then don’t read them) and found one my sister gave me a few years ago, We Were The Mulvaneys, and started reading it. So far it’s really good!

– Less tv. I’m not one to join the chorus of “tv is bad for you” or, “let’s sell the tv!” because I enjoy good content, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. But, I’d like to watch less tv and fill that time with other things (reading, sewing, guitar, conversations).

– Conquer sewing. I’ve sewed about 4 things in my life. Luckily, they all turned out pretty decent…but…I’m by NO means an expert. I’m barely a beginner, but I’d love to conquer a king sized quilt for our bed…wish me luck.

– Focus on my marriage. Michael and I have a good marriage, but all marriages can be better. I want to be more intentional about being a better wife.

– Get healthy. I’d like to eat less sugar/carbs (bread, sweets, pasta, rice) and less red meat, and eat more veggies. I’d also like to get back into shape. I miss my soccer legs  😉


– Diversify. I’d like to diversify my photography portfolio. Dabble in shoots other than weddings. Whether that’s seniors, families, babies, commercial/editorial, I don’t know…I’m willing to try it all to find another genre that I enjoy. Editorial/fashion content intrigues me, so we’ll see what happens.

– Get published in print.

– Hire an intern/potential associate photographer (be on the lookout for more info!).

– Push my creativity (go outside of my comfort zone a bit).


In case you missed my 2013 favorite moments post, you can check it out here.

Also, I was honored to have one of my photos in Southern Wedding’s Top 10 Favorite Images of the Year.

2013 was such an amazing year, and I’m already pumped about 2014. My wedding season started this Saturday with a fun multicultural wedding, so let’s get this party started!