The Sentimentalist: Atlanta Bridal Shop

I thought I’d start a new series on this blog called “Get To Know” where I feature Atlanta (and surrounding area) wedding vendors. This not only gives me a chance to get to know industry peers, but it’s also a nice way for brides to check out what’s available. I’d love to feature as many vendors as possible so I can curate a nice reference for future brides.

Aaaaaaand, I thought it only fitting to feature a newer vendor, and one with quite the style! The Sentimentalist.

The Sentimentalist is a designer and vintage bridal shop located in Atlanta’s westside neighborhood. The owner, Gabi, is the sweetest thing ever and their shop is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s. You definitely need to pop in one afternoon and check out all the cute nooks and crannies…oh, and the breath-taking gowns.

I spent some time there last week, snapping a few pictures, and getting the scoop:

What’s the story behind the name, The Sentimentalist?

Our vision since day one was to create a lovely environment that was true to our aesthetic and concerned with honest, simple design. We wanted to be provide a bridal experience that wasn’t so… well, “bridal”. So, finding a name was more of a challenge than I anticipated. My best friend and wedding planning partner, Rhiannon, came up with “The Sentimentalist” early on, and we just kept coming back to it. We’re sentimental about Atlanta, our neighborhood, and our family. We’re sentimental about all things old and antique, vintage and aged. And we’re especially sentimental about love.

What makes The Sentimentalist unique?

Our girls are unique! Our girls are romantic while sensible, classic while trendy, and smart while silly. They are fuss-free, but appreciate good design. And our designers are unique! They are all at once modern and vintage inspired. Their wow factor is in the details, and their beauty is in the simplicity.

If you could describe your bridal shop in three adjectives (excluding “sentimental” teehee) what would they be?

 Ok, this is hard… sweet, Southern, and unique.

What is your favorite wedding trend?

Gold- gold anything. Especially gold with neutrals. Gold and ivory, gold and grey. I’m always drawn more toward color schemes than to trends. More accurately, I’m obsessed with color. I’m also kind of liking the boho thing right now- especially since I basically live in 60s maxi dresses these days.

If you could give brides one piece of advice when picking their wedding dress & accessories, what would that be? 

Oh no, only one?! Don’t over think things. Our gut takes over during those big decisions, so there is no need to anguish over something you just need to feel. Over-thinking, over-shopping, and gathering an over-abundance of opinion can blurry your true dress desires. And oh yes, we have dress desires  :)

Their website is VERY informative, and will probably answer most of your questions…but if like I said, if you’re looking for a gorgeous wedding dress, or some vintage accessories, you definitely need to stop by, or make an appointment (drop-ins are welcome during business hours!). Just in the short time I was there snapping pictures, a few people dropped in and were just THRILLED with everything in sight. Their current designers are:
Carol Hannah :: Claire La Faye :: Elizabeth Dye :: Jessica Fontaine :: Leanne Marshall :: Nicole Miller :: Sarah Seven (one of my faves) :: Theia :: Twigs & Honey (one of my faves)…average price range: $1500-2500 with some options below and above! So go make your appointment today!