Weekly Round-up 03

It’s Fridaaaaaaaaay. That means it’s time for my weekly round-up: a list of things that inspired me this week. (check out my previous weeks here)

1. This blog post from the Parsons on the Define School Blog – it reminds you of what really matters in life. If you don’t know the Parsons, you should take a few hours and soak up their beautiful words and photos over on their blog

2. NEX Atlanta – a co-op work space which fuels creativity, innovation, collaboration.

3. “Where you produce, affects what you produce.” – a quote from The Inspired Office who continually inspires my office. Accurately named right?

4. Get It Together Kit by Millie Holloman – again, if you don’t know MHP you should. I just ordered her GIT KIT and I’m about 40 pages in and LOVE it. So inspired by her work and how she’s exponentially grown her business.

I’ll leave you with a few pics that Michael grabbed of me last night wearing the LILLIAN Flower Crown from Flower Crown Society. Please excuse my messy hair  😉