Weekly Round-Up 02

So Friday came and went, and again, I forgot to post my weekly round up. GAH!

If you checked out last week’s post then you already know I’m wanting to curate a list of things that have inspired me all week, and then share them with you guys. I’m a day late, but here’s this week’s short-but-still-worthy list.

1. The “To-Don’t” List – a good reminder that we can’t – and shouldn’t – be good at everything, and we should focus our efforts on our strengths.

2. Chris Ozer’s Photography – Been following this guy for a few years now. I’m always looking for inspiration from other photographers and Chris’ work does not disappoint. Follow him on instagram now. Seriously…like, right now!

3. “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” – Steve Martin (via Josh Blankenship’s twitter feed) – I love this quote. It’s so true. Michael and I talk all the time about the importance of continually making our work better. I don’t aspire to be famous by any means, but I am very ambitious, and something I’m constantly saying to myself is, “it’s impossible to ignore good work.”

4. Top Knots – aaaaaand my favorite hairstyle of the year award goes to….TOP KNOTS! Easy, fun, cute & still professional. What’s not to love?

5. Exploring Georgia – not only am I always looking for unique locations for shoots, but I also enjoy exploring in general. I love getting to know the state that I live in (currently GA) and this pinterest board gave me a long list of places to check out! The top two places I’d love to see in Georgia are: (1) Okefenokee Swamp & (2) Cumberland Island.

In the spirit of “exploration” I finally made it up to North Georgia for a shoot this past week. I grabbed a couple of iPhone pics on the way home…