Happy [early] Mother’s Day ‹‹ Featured ››

I can’t believe it’s already coming up on Mother’s Day! This means that April is way in the past, and that’s sad because I don’t remember anything about last month.

But it’s true. Mother’s Day is in 2 days! I remember this always being a fun day as a kid because it usually meant going to a nice restaurant and getting a delicious meal – yes, I constantly think about food. I also remember the BEST gift we ever got my mom. I was probably around 10, making my sister 12 and my brother 5. We were living in Chesapeake, Virginia, and there were these gorgeous buttercup fields all over, and my mom LOVED them. So, the 3 of us kids got dressed up (matching blue jeans and white shirts, haha) and my dad drove us out to the field and we snapped a few pics. We picked the best one, got it framed and wrapped it up. I know this was the best gift, because when my mom opened it, she cried…SUCCESS!! It’s literally hanging in her kitchen today, reminding my sister, brother and I how incredibly awkward we looked at the time. Man. Those days were rough  😉

Anyway, the one and only Southern Weddings did a mom feature today on their blog, featuring some sweet mom/bride/groom moments, and one of mine got picked up! Go check out their post here to see all the motherly love!

Having a great mama is something special, and I grew up with a fantastic one. I’m sad I won’t be able to spend Mother’s Day with her, but she’s gonna LOVE our gift! Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there. Keep raising awesome kids because they might just change the world one day.