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I think I could shoot on the beach everyday.

I wish I could shoot on the beach everyday. 

One day I *will* live by the ocean, and then I *will* shoot on the beach everyday.

I digress.

This shoot required a little bit of an adventurous spirit. Why? For starters, we had to carry ALLLLLLL of this stuff down 200 stairs to the ocean. Secondly, we didn’t take into consideration the changing tides, so when we got down there high tide was quickly moving in on this already extremely shallow beach. There was also a good chance we could get stranded down there if we didn’t work fast enough (we weren’t sure if the tide was going to come all the way up to the cliffs, and totally sweep us all out to sea!). Thankfully, high tide peaked, leaving us a few feet of safety in between us and the rocks.

My sister-in-law (the one from this shoot) owns an etsy shop called iSewpose, filled with super cute hand-embroidered pieces. I’ve been trying to convince her for a while now that there’s a market for that kind of stuff in the wedding industry. We finally decided to plan a mini stylized shoot, along with her good friend, and baker extraordinaire, Kristi – owner of Tempt Cupcakes and thought a seaside dessert buffet was perfect.

iSewpose created whimsical dream catchers which were the perfect accent to Kristi’s amaaaaaaaazing cupcakes and ombre rose cake. Seriously. Her cupcakes are amazing. Not only are they cute and delicious, but she specializes in some of the coolest fillings ever: irish car bomb cupcakes, eggnog & rum filled cupcakes, chocolate raspberry amaretto, peach bourbon, caramel macchiato martini…I don’t think I need to go on. I’m pretty sure I ate an entire box over the 3 days I was out there.

If you’re in Los Angeles…or even CLOSE to L.A and you’re looking for some unique hand-made details for your wedding, or a yummy dessert buffet, I would check out iSewpose and Tempt Cupcakes RIGHT NOW.

Also. If you’re in Malibu, or driving through, you should stop at El Matador State Beach. Try to make it at sunset…you won’t regret it.

Enjoy our colorful, ombre wedding inspiration shoot!