Christal’s Malibu Maternity Shoot

Michael and I took a short trip to California last weekend to visit with his sister & bro-in-law. Our trip had many purposes, some of which you will see in a later blog post, but one of the main reasons for our visit was to shoot my sister-in-laws maternity session!

Every time I’m in California (or on the west coast for the matter) I don’t want to leave. It seriously is the most beautiful part of the country I’ve ever seen…and if you catch the pacific ocean on a clear day, at sunset, then forget it! You’re hooked for life. 

We trekked up the coast about an hour (from L.A) to Malibu for the maternity session, and then we hiked down about 200 stairs (!!!) to the most beautiful beach ever. Seriously. If you’re ever near Malibu, you should check out El Matador State Beach – you won’t be disappointed.

We lucked out and had one of the best sunsets I’ve seen in a while. It was pretty perfect. I could keep describing it, but I’ll just jump to the photos now  😉

Can’t wait to meet you Caleb!!