So far in Atlanta on Instagram

Two things:

I love Instagram;

I love Atlanta.

The awesomeness of instagram is no secret…and if you know me at all, you know I’m regularly posting pics of our life. It’s definitely my favorite platform for social networking and it’s connected me with some really rad people, and some incredible talent. The more I’m on there, the more I’m blown away by fresh creativity. It’s a great way to keep me inspired, and hopefully it’ll stick around for a long time. If you’re on instagram, look me up!! @paigefjones (same as my twitter handle)

In other news, tomorrow makes it one month since we’ve been in Atlanta…that’s crazy-town! It’s been a whirlwind of a month for us…busy, busy, busy. Michael is in the middle of some awesome projects, I’m starting to book more Atlanta weddings and I’ve been networking with other vendors…things are pretty good! It seems like every weekend we’ve gone out with friends (Michael already had a group of friends in the city because he went to high school in suburban Atlanta)…and the weather is slowly getting nicer, so we’ve been able to enjoy our deck already. Tonight we’re having a party, so it’s sort of kicked our butts into gear, trying to get the house presentable. We’ve been planting flowers, buying furniture, hanging photos, pimping out the deck, and making a dining room table. It’s been fun.

Enjoy of a few instagrams from our life in Atlanta so far. Happy Friday!