Rachael + Cole ‹‹Sauvie Island Photographer››

Rachael and I met on Instagram – crazy, huh?? I love that app.

We corresponded a few times about doing a shoot, and finally we were able to coordinate schedules – just a few days before she headed off to California for school!

Rachael and Cole might be the cutest couple ever. 

I think I say that a lot about the couples I meet – because they’re ALL cute. But seriously. These two. SO in love with each other. And there’s a whole lot of passion there – I felt it the whole time.

We met at Sauvie Island (one of my favorite places around Portland), and then there was some climbing of fences and some trespassing. Those are my favorite types of shoots, though – where I just go exploring with the couple, and we laugh and share stories…maybe scrape our legs on thorn bushes…run up crazy big hills, only to realize on your way back down that you just baaaaaarely missed those HUGE piles of cow poo. Those are the best kind.

Here are just a few of my favorites.

P.S. Rachael’s laugh was totally infectious!