Kelsey + Blaine ‹‹Columbia River Gorge Photographer››

So much to say about this couple.

Although, I can’t really say that Kelsey and I “go waaaaaay back” even though we met 7 years ago.

Wow. That makes me feel real old.

Seven years ago I was a freshman in college. So was Kelsey. We didn’t really hang out much, except she ended up being roommates with one of my good friends, so I was in her room from time-to-time. I just remember her as the girl who LOVED “I Love Lucy” and the girl who liked photography.

Our paths didn’t really cross during those four years of college, and she ended up marrying someone from her hometown – so I didn’t know Blaine. They started shooting weddings together and ended up shooting one of my BFFs weddings. I remember thinking, “Aw – that’s awesome…they’re doing photography together.”

Then we graduated college and I got married and then I started getting into photography. 

I reached out to Kelsey with some questions about the business, and we just kept corresponding via facebook and email. Fast forward about 18 months and BOOM – Blaine surprises Kelsey with a trip to the west coast – their first stop being Portland!

It’s crazy that this trip was A) my first time meeting Blaine; and B) My first time reeeeally hanging out with Kels.

By the end of their 3-day stay, I felt like we had been long-time friends. We had SO much fun (you can see some random pics of our photo-walk in downtown Portland that I posted yesterday here), and I’m excited about our future trips together *awwwww*

Whilst they were vacationing in Portland, we squeezed in a photo sess, and I kinda wanted to kill two-birds with one stone so-to-speak. They wanted to see some beautiful sights, AND get their pics taken. So naturally, I drove them to one of my favorite spots in the Columbia River Gorge – Government Cove.

Here are just a few of my favorites from their shoot.

P.S. Check out their awesome work here: