Rebekah + Alex ‹‹Portland Oregon Photographer››

5 years of love.

That’s something to celebrate, right??

Rebekah and Alex are going to renew their vows this Saturday for their 5th wedding anniversary. They’ll celebrate their love with friends and family…and I get to be there to capture it.  How lucky am I??

But those images will come later.

A few weeks ago we did a love shoot. It was that first really hot weekend where temps rose above 100 (what’s up with that Oregon?!). None of us wanted to prance around town in that heat, so we decided to wake up early and shoot in the morning.

It was a quiet Sunday morning, and most people were probably still in their pjs (except for the huge line at Voodoo Donut, of course). I’ve never seen the city look so peaceful. I liked it.

BTW – If you’re a bride, and you’re looking for some killer vintage rentals and/or styling for your big day, not only are Rebekah and Alex super cute, but they are the masterminds behind A & B Creative – go check them out!!