Cat + Matthew ‹‹Portland Elopement Photographer››

Cat and Matthew.

I knew we were going to hit it off immediately when Cat’s initial email said they were moving ‘cross country from Chicago and wanted to immediately elope. Yes, please. Seeing as how Michael and I just moved ‘cross country to Portland back in January, we already had something special in common.

They arrived in Portland.

We met for coffee.

And became friends.

They might be the cutest couple ever…and to top it off, they own literally the cutest dog in the world – Norman. He stole the first part of our portrait time – I took about 100 pictures of him and just sat at my computer for an hour trying to narrow down his shots for this blog post…and failed.

Anyway. Enjoy a few of my favorites from their intimate elopement under the St. John’s bridge in Cathedral Park.