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Do What You Love.

It’s a core belief Michael and I try to live by.

So. It only makes sense that we’re drawn to those who share this idea.

Enter, this series.

It’s a personal project for us. Finding others who are KILLIN’ it, living life, doing what they love. And then photographing them.

Today, I bring you my new friend, Julie.

She is the sweet and passionate person behind Julie Lampros Skincare.

Julie is one of those people who you just can’t help but be inspired by. Her laugh is infectious, her smile is like a hug, and there’s just a warmth that radiates off of her – when you’re around her, you just feel good about life.

I had the privilege of being welcomed into her gorgeous home to shoot her for this series. Her home studio is so peaceful and *filled* with natural light. She connects with her clients in such a personal way – and I can attest to that because she recently did my makeup for a personal shoot  :-)

If you are in the market for a makeup artist or skincare extraordinaire, then I’d highly recommend Julie.

Enjoy a few faves from our shoot!