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You know those shoots where the light is perfect?

And those shoots where your model needs almost zero directing?

Yeah. This was one of those…

I first met Sage through instagram. Awesome, right??

And I’d been itchin’ to do a not-so-done-up boudoir sess in the wild and wonderful wilderness that Oregon offers, and I wanted it to be with the right person. One day I saw an instagram pic from Sage show up in my feed, and instantly I was like, “ooooooooh! she’d be PERFECT!” So, I proceeded to add her as a facebook friend, and messaged her with a somewhat awkward question: “Hey, we don’t really know each other, but would you like to model…in your skivvies…outside…and let me take pictures???

Okay. I wasn’t awkward cousin Timmy, but I was a little nervous about approaching a stranger with such a delicate proposal. But since Sage is so awesome…she was totally down for a crazy adventure!!

I have to thank my friend, Jenna for allowing me to frolic around her property. I could not have asked for a more perfect location.

Here are some of my favorites from this shoot!

Rach - I love that these shoots you do aren’t like soooo sultry, but they have a sultry flair to them that is rather kinkier than other shoots, but in a mysterious way. It’s better. I like your outtake is what im trying to say!

-Rach :)

Jen Gardner - Seriously… So beautiful Paige. Just love your style!

Kira Noble - OH. MY. GOODNESS. Absolutely stunning. Every single one. I can’t get enough of the location and the soft, lovely and emotive feel these pictures! Well done.

Kerri Joslin - Paige,
These are amazing…Love them so much. I think i want a copy of one each…I think my daughter is beautiful and you made her look even more so. Thanks again.

whitney - Paige,
Tastefully done. I love it. You’ve got an amazing talent! Your model is beautiful!

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