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Do What You Love.

It’s a core belief Michael and I try to live by.

So. It only makes sense that we’re drawn to those who share this idea.

Enter, this series.

It’s a personal project for us. Finding others who are KILLIN’ it, living life, doing what they love. And then photographing them.

Today, I bring you my good friend, Rose.

She’s the mastermind behind Rosemary Stafford Floral Design.

Rose and I met through facebook – she was one of the random Portland wedding vendors that I befriended after moving here, with the hopes of one day working together. Well, months later, here we are. We’ve worked on multiple shoots together, and more importantly, we’ve laughed a LOT.

She’s talented, passionate, hilarious and inspiring. And she’s killin’ it, doing what she loves.

Enjoy a few of my faves. Happy Friday!  :-)

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