Jumping around a bit and blogging my last wedding from 2014. It’s also being featured on Green Wedding Shoes today, so make sure you head over there and give it some love!

A fall wedding in the woods. Perfect, right?! This was such a great one to end my 2014 season with and Kaley and Nick were two of the kindest people…

Enjoy some of my favorites!

bohemian-woods-wedding-1 copy bohemian-woods-wedding-2 bohemian-woods-wedding-3 bohemian-woods-wedding-4 bohemian-woods-wedding-7
bohemian-woods-wedding-8 bohemian-woods-wedding-6 bohemian-woods-wedding-9
bohemian-woods-wedding-12 bohemian-woods-wedding-11 bohemian-woods-wedding-13 bohemian-woods-wedding-14 bohemian-woods-wedding-23 bohemian-woods-wedding-15 bohemian-woods-wedding-16 bohemian-woods-wedding-18 bohemian-woods-wedding-19 bohemian-woods-wedding-20 bohemian-woods-wedding-21 bohemian-woods-wedding-22 bohemian-woods-wedding-24 bohemian-woods-wedding-25 bohemian-woods-wedding-26 bohemian-woods-wedding-27 bohemian-woods-wedding-28 bohemian-woods-wedding-29 bohemian-woods-wedding-35 bohemian-woods-wedding-30 bohemian-woods-wedding-31 bohemian-woods-wedding-32 bohemian-woods-wedding-34 bohemian-woods-wedding-36 bohemian-woods-wedding-37 bohemian-woods-wedding-39 bohemian-woods-wedding-38 bohemian-woods-wedding-40 bohemian-woods-wedding-41 bohemian-woods-wedding-42 bohemian-woods-wedding-43 bohemian-woods-wedding-44 bohemian-woods-wedding-45 bohemian-woods-wedding-46 bohemian-woods-wedding-47 bohemian-woods-wedding-49 bohemian-woods-wedding-48

Catching up on some fabulous 2014 weddings!

This was one of my favorite weddings last year. Catey & Michael were so easy going, we had beautiful weather, and Michael’s family farm was the perfect backdrop for this laid back spring wedding. If you happened to pick up the spring 2015 Knot GA Magazine you would find this wedding in there!

Enjoy some of my favorites.

Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-1 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-2 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-3 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-5 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-4 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-7 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-8 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-13 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-19 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-24 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-25 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-42
Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-34 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-43 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-47 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-48 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-51 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-53 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-55
Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-59 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-62 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-63 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-66 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-68 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-69

Yesterday my friend Kathryn & I decided last minute to meet for lunch, and then play with our camera in and around downtown. It’s been fooooooorever since I’ve just grabbed my camera and shot for fun, so this was a much needed day for me.

We found some stellar window light in a downtown parking garage, and then we had some fun with double exposures on the top level…because, of course.

For anyone who was wondering, I shot the double exposures using the Canon 5D Mark III.

Enjoy some of my favorites….isn’t K a stunner?!
downtown-atlanta-portrait-photographer-02 downtown-atlanta-portrait-photographer-01 downtown-atlanta-portrait-photographer-03 downtown-atlanta-portrait-photographer-06 downtown-atlanta-portrait-photographer-05 downtown-atlanta-portrait-photographer-07 downtown-atlanta-portrait-photographer-08 canon-double-exposure-photography-01 canon-double-exposure-photography-02 canon-double-exposure-photography-03 canon-double-exposure-photography-04

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It’s no secret that my husband is passionate about education. He writes about it on his blog, and he runs an online school for motion graphics.

I am equally passionate about education but have been less vocal. I would love to change that and I’m currently in the process of brainstorming ways to merge education with my photography experience. *stay tuned*

Yesterday we had the opportunity to speak to a group of 7th and 8th graders about career opportunities in the digital arts and entrepreneurship. It was awesome. They were very engaged and asked great questions.
educated youth

They are our future.

The world around us is changing. Jobs are changing. Technology and the internet have carved so many new paths for future job holders. Yet, we believe that the current state of education has not caught up to the changing landscape of opportunities, and it’s disheartening. Higher education needs to evolve. Continuing education needs to evolve. What we are teaching our youth needs to evolve.

Here’s why it’s so important:

1. Education spurns new ideas. New ideas will keep our economy growing.

2. Education closes the poverty gap. If you don’t follow the HONY photographer, you need to. Some of his stories from inner city youth in NYC are so inspiring. These kids are hungry for knowledge and it’s their pathway to freedom.

3. Better education, better ideas & wiser people make my world, your world, their world a better place to live.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. – Nelson Mandela

Such a beast of a post. Best of. My favorite photos moments from the year. Weddings, engagement and personal.

Let’s dive into some highlights and reflect a little bit before we get to the photos.


// 4th wedding season
// 27 weddings
// most financially successful year (read more here)
// 1st consecutive wedding season in the same city
// bought out first house
// had my 1st studio space
// hired my 1st intern
// shot 6 destination weddings
// 6 wedding features (two in print!)
// made some changes to my business (only booking elopements and intimate weddings now – although I’m already fully booked for 2015)
// attended my first (and most likely last) wedding workshop. it was awesome and I loved it. you should go.
// internet friends-turned besties (ahem Christina ahem Emily)
// shot my baby bro’s wedding!

I remember…shooting an intimate ceremony in an abandoned church from the late 1800s (it was featured here)… watching the pouring rain during Meredith + John’s ceremony, only to have it stop for portraits and give us the best sunlight ever (it was my 1st print feature here)…watching Catey swing on a rope swing in the perfect handmade dress (wedding will be in print early 2014 – yay!)…photographing our good friend’s wedding in Cleveland Ohio…making a heap of new Aussie friends at my mexico wedding (also getting food poisoning the night before…and also having my bestie Emily there with me)…falling in love with Seattle whilst there for a wedding…seeing the desert for the first time for my Nevada wedding…shooting a beautiful wedding under old southern oak tress dripping in spanish moss…and so much more!

It’s so fun to reflect on the year, both personally and businessly (new word, that’s what’s up). This year was busy and frustrating and fun and rewarding and some days I wanted to quit and some days I wanted to do more. Some days I wanted to crawl in my bed and hide from the work. Some days I edited a wedding in 4 hours. I learned that I do not want to shoot 27 weddings ever again, but I also learned that I was fully capable of shooting 27. I’ve made some changes in my business and next year will bring about a whole new heap of changes (update soon) but I am damn proud of 2014 and wouldn’t change a thing about it.

About 80% of my weddings have not hit the blog yet, so keep any eye out for all of those. Until then, enjoy my favorites from the year!

Wait…one more thing. THANKS TO ALL MY 2014 CLIENTS. You all rocked and made this year my favorite year in the business. *Cheers*
2014-12-11_0006 GM5A6997-Edit 2014-12-11_0011 2014-12-11_0016 2014-12-05_0012 2014-12-11_0001 GM5A5030 2014-12-11_0013 GM5A5717-Edit 2014-12-11_0034 2014-12-11_0033 2014-12-11_0038 2014-12-11_0008 GM5A3702-Edit 2014-12-11_0009 2014-12-11_0018 2014-12-11_0067 2014-12-11_0022 2014-12-11_0056 2014-12-11_0024 2014-12-11_0010 2014-12-11_0021 2014-12-11_0003 2014-12-11_0005 2014-12-11_0014 2014-12-11_0027 2014-12-11_0029 2014-12-11_0040 2014-12-11_0063 2014-12-11_0059 GM5A5096 GM5A8290 GM5A6070 2014-12-11_0041 GM5A4001-Edit 2014-12-11_0052 2014-12-11_0053 2014-12-11_0032 2014-12-11_0039 GM5A9045-Edit 2014-12-11_0062 2014-12-11_0044 2014-12-11_0046 2014-12-11_0049 2014-12-11_0058 2014-12-11_0050 2014-12-11_0066 2014-12-11_0060 2014-12-11_0071 GM5A5560 GM5A7548 2014-12-11_0019 GM5A0497 2014-12-11_0002 2014-12-11_0035 2014-12-11_0045 2014-12-11_0061 GM5A5082 2014-12-11_0048


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