One of the first warm days of Spring. I drove up to the ceremony venue and saw the grounds men planting flowers. The sun was shining. It was glorious.

Melissa and Tanner might be the sweetest couple I’ve ever met. Their love for each other, and their joy for others was palpable. I could see why there were so many guests eager to celebrate with them.

This wedding was a unique one for me because the couple wanted the day to be a celebration for the guests, instead of themselves. Their genuine love for each person in attendence that day was real. So much so that they hand wrote a note to EACH PERSON and had it waiting at their place setting. WHAT?! Also, as guests walked into the reception there was a giant sign that included EACH GUEST’S name and meaning beside it. Wow. Seeing the guests flood in and read their personalized note was something special. Melissa and Tanner set an example for me that day. One that I won’t ever forget.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from that day.

atlanta-wedding-photography-1 atlanta-wedding-photography-2 atlanta-wedding-photography-5 atlanta-wedding-photography-8 atlanta-wedding-photography-9 atlanta-wedding-photography-10 atlanta-wedding-photography-12 atlanta-wedding-photography-11 atlanta-wedding-photography-13 atlanta-wedding-photography-14 atlanta-wedding-photography-15 atlanta-wedding-photography-16 atlanta-wedding-photography-21 atlanta-wedding-photography-35 atlanta-wedding-photography-17 atlanta-wedding-photography-18 atlanta-wedding-photography-20 atlanta-wedding-photography-22 atlanta-wedding-photography-23 atlanta-wedding-photography-24 atlanta-wedding-photography-25 atlanta-wedding-photography-29 atlanta-wedding-photography-28 atlanta-wedding-photography-30 atlanta-wedding-photography-32 atlanta-wedding-photography-33 atlanta-wedding-photography-34 atlanta-wedding-photography-36 atlanta-wedding-photography-38 atlanta-wedding-photography-40 atlanta-wedding-photography-45 atlanta-wedding-photography-49 atlanta-wedding-photography-48 atlanta-wedding-photography-41 atlanta-wedding-photography-43 atlanta-wedding-photography-51 atlanta-wedding-photography-52 atlanta-wedding-photography-53 atlanta-wedding-photography-56 atlanta-wedding-photography-54 atlanta-wedding-photography-58 atlanta-wedding-photography-59 atlanta-wedding-photography-60 atlanta-wedding-photography-61 atlanta-wedding-photography-62

You probably take more photos than your mom, dad, and grandmother combined in their entire lives. Everyone can take great photos now thanks to the amazing technology at our fingertips. To me, that is incredible.

The problem is, that’s where it ends. Click, click click. Share, share, share.

Take a trip down memory lane with me:

I got married 5 years ago and my wedding photos were delivered on a CD. Totally acceptable. Fast forward 5 years and BOTH of my computers are without a disc drive.

5 Reasons You Need to Print Your Photos

1. Technology changes like the tides. One day you’ll wake up and your digital storage solutions will be outdated. Or worse, your drive will crash and all those memories will be gone forever.

2. There are apps for that. You can literally order photos on your iPhone through an app. You don’t even have to get off your couch.

3. The mundane moments matter. The way your kitchen looks right now. The clothes you’re wearing in a photo. Taking a walk in your neighborhood. Your kids and grandkids are going to want to see that. All these flickers of time we’re capturing every day matter. Because time goes by fast, and things change. You’re preserving moments in each photo. Don’t underestimate how important that is.

4. History. Yes, history is important. Thanks to printed photos of the past, historians and scientists can gather information about our world.

5. It’s the most affordable art for your walls.

PEOPLE. PLEASE PRINT YOUR PHOTOS. I’m not even talking to my brides right now (although, yes you should print your wedding photos)…I’m talking to photographers, to moms, to my friends, to YOU. You are crazy to keep these photos locked on some digital device…I promise you will regret that.

It took me a while to get my sh*t together, but so far in 2015 I’ve printed over 200 photos. And yes, there are pics of my kitchen, and my living room, and my christmas tree, and my fire-pit, and my dogs because those moments matter. I can’t wait to show them to my kids and grandkids one day. Now my only problem is figuring out a storage solution for all these prints!

reasons-to-print-your-photos-1 reasons-to-print-your-photos-2 reasons-to-print-your-photos-3 reasons-to-print-your-photos-5 reasons-to-print-your-photos-4 reasons-to-print-your-photos-7 reasons-to-print-your-photos-6

Jumping around a bit and blogging my last wedding from 2014. It’s also being featured on Green Wedding Shoes today, so make sure you head over there and give it some love!

A fall wedding in the woods. Perfect, right?! This was such a great one to end my 2014 season with and Kaley and Nick were two of the kindest people…

Enjoy some of my favorites!

bohemian-woods-wedding-1 copy bohemian-woods-wedding-2 bohemian-woods-wedding-3 bohemian-woods-wedding-4 bohemian-woods-wedding-7
bohemian-woods-wedding-8 bohemian-woods-wedding-6 bohemian-woods-wedding-9
bohemian-woods-wedding-12 bohemian-woods-wedding-11 bohemian-woods-wedding-13 bohemian-woods-wedding-14 bohemian-woods-wedding-23 bohemian-woods-wedding-15 bohemian-woods-wedding-16 bohemian-woods-wedding-18 bohemian-woods-wedding-19 bohemian-woods-wedding-20 bohemian-woods-wedding-21 bohemian-woods-wedding-22 bohemian-woods-wedding-24 bohemian-woods-wedding-25 bohemian-woods-wedding-26 bohemian-woods-wedding-27 bohemian-woods-wedding-28 bohemian-woods-wedding-29 bohemian-woods-wedding-35 bohemian-woods-wedding-30 bohemian-woods-wedding-31 bohemian-woods-wedding-32 bohemian-woods-wedding-34 bohemian-woods-wedding-36 bohemian-woods-wedding-37 bohemian-woods-wedding-39 bohemian-woods-wedding-38 bohemian-woods-wedding-40 bohemian-woods-wedding-41 bohemian-woods-wedding-42 bohemian-woods-wedding-43 bohemian-woods-wedding-44 bohemian-woods-wedding-45 bohemian-woods-wedding-46 bohemian-woods-wedding-47 bohemian-woods-wedding-49 bohemian-woods-wedding-48

Catching up on some fabulous 2014 weddings!

This was one of my favorite weddings last year. Catey & Michael were so easy going, we had beautiful weather, and Michael’s family farm was the perfect backdrop for this laid back spring wedding. If you happened to pick up the spring 2015 Knot GA Magazine you would find this wedding in there!

Enjoy some of my favorites.

Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-1 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-2 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-3 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-5 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-4 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-7 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-8 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-13 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-19 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-24 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-25 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-42
Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-34 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-43 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-47 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-48 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-51 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-53 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-55
Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-59 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-62 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-63 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-66 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-68 Pecan-Orchard-Bohemian-Wedding-69

Yesterday my friend Kathryn & I decided last minute to meet for lunch, and then play with our camera in and around downtown. It’s been fooooooorever since I’ve just grabbed my camera and shot for fun, so this was a much needed day for me.

We found some stellar window light in a downtown parking garage, and then we had some fun with double exposures on the top level…because, of course.

For anyone who was wondering, I shot the double exposures using the Canon 5D Mark III.

Enjoy some of my favorites….isn’t K a stunner?!
downtown-atlanta-portrait-photographer-02 downtown-atlanta-portrait-photographer-01 downtown-atlanta-portrait-photographer-03 downtown-atlanta-portrait-photographer-06 downtown-atlanta-portrait-photographer-05 downtown-atlanta-portrait-photographer-07 downtown-atlanta-portrait-photographer-08 canon-double-exposure-photography-01 canon-double-exposure-photography-02 canon-double-exposure-photography-03 canon-double-exposure-photography-04

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